Expats in Germany

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What follows is a vast collection of blogs I've found written by foreigners living or who have recently lived in Germany.  All the listed blogs have been updated in the last 15 months at least (as of April 2013).  If this is a topic that interests you I recommend diving in!  If I know it, I've added the German location (present or former) of each blogger after the link.

Abenteuer - Munich
AmeriConor in Deutschland - Munich
AmiExpat - Regensburg
An American in Mannheim - Mannheim
An American in Wiesbaden - Wiesbaden
Anglo-Deutsch - Stuttgart
Ann on a Moose - Baden-Württemberg
Armchair Shrinking - Swabia
Around the...  - Kaiserslautern
Ausländer Blog - Munich
Back to Berlin...and Beyond - Berlin
Ben Perry - Berlin
Cheap as Chips - Cologne
Converting a Church - near Cologne
Cows and Combat Boots - Southwest Germany
Cultural Comparisons: An American in Germany
Der Irische Berliner - Berlin
Deutschland über Elvis - Munich
Doin' Time on the Donau - Regensburg
Dubliner in Deutschland - Baden-Württemberg
Ellie Moves to Deutschland
Expat Mom - Krefeld
From the Big Apple to the Big Bear - Berlin
Futile Diatribes - Cologne
Geek Mädel - Hamburg
Ger-sey Girl - Erlangen
German Diary - Cologne
German Joys - Düsseldorf
Going Kraut - Cologne
Grounded Traveler - Freiburg
Have Lipstick and Laptop Will Travel - Mülheim an der Ruhr
Heather Goes to Deutschland - Bavaria
It's About the Journey
Jeweled Concrete - Munich
Learning to Love Being an Expat - Cologne
Letters from Frau Dietz - Wiesbaden
Letters Home - Hamburg
Life Death Preeclampsia - Dülmen
Living in Germany - Düsseldorf
Lucid in Deutschland - Munich
Martin Karaffa's Bavaria - Munich
Mom in High Heels - Heidelberg
My Life in Lederhosen - Cologne
Nicole Is the New Black - Berlin
No Apathy Allowed - Hamburg
One Big Gerhebrish Adventure - North Rhine-Westphalia
Overseas Adventures - Heidelberg
Papa Scott - Hamburg
Regensblog - Regensburg
Remember White Rabbit - Mittweida
Resident on Earth - Cologne
Sarah Stäbler - Hamburg
Schnitzelbahn - Munich
Snooker in Berlin - Berlin
Somewhere Between Facebook and Flickr Sits Fiona - Berlin
Steps - Würzburg
That Queer Expatriate - Berlin
The Big, Wide World - Erfurt
The Diary of Sugar and Spice
The Heather Chronicles
The Traveling Times - Heidelberg
This German Texan - Pforzheim
This International Life - Munich
Transblawg - Fürth
Waterloo Birdhaus - Dresden
Zuhause in Germany